Dr. Shott is a Board Certified Sports Medicine Physician specializing in non-operative orthopedic diagnosis, treatment and follow up care of conditions resulting from falls, sports, overuse or work-related injuries. Dr. Shott has more than a decade of Sports Medicine experience in Central and Southwest Ohio. She completed her residency and Sports Medicine Fellowship at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Common conditions she treats include, Strains, Sprains, Osteoarthritis, Fractures, Chronic muscle and joint pain in the back and upper and lower extremities and Tendonosis

Her practice philosophy is to create a 100% patient-centered care plan that supports a healthy lifestyle and treats physical limitations to help patients live life to the fullest. With her training and expertise she is skilled in providing in-office intervention with joint, tendon sheath, lateral epicondylitis and carpal tunnel injections.


231 Seasons Road
Hudson, OH 44224
(330) 971-7571