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"I just want to point out how emotionally vulnerable it feels when you are experiencing chronic pain. Honestly, it wears you down and can give you a sense of hopelessness at times. Of all the medical care I have had in my life, I feel like the compassion I experience with the nurses in the Pain Management department has been the most important to me. I'm keenly aware (although I don't verbalize it to anyone) of the impact of the treatment on my overall wellbeing and function. If they can help me, I can get on with my life. That feels like a very vulnerable position to be in. I've been coming there for years now and I think they are amazing, always kind, always patient.”

- Victoria

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You don’t have to suffer with unbearable chronic pain or headaches. We provide the latest innovations in comprehensive pain treatment at Western Reserve Hospital.

When chronic pain sets in, your life shrinks to fit your pain. Your health, work and relationships suffer. You become less active. Often, you cannot sleep or suffer from depression. Living with chronic pain is hard, and the anxiety, stress and anger that accompany it can make the pain even worse. The entire staff of specialists at the Center for Pain Medicine at Western Reserve Hospital can help you conquer your pain with sophisticated, new treatments and compassionate, professional care.


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