Setting Up Your Patient Portal

The Western Reserve Hospital Physicians Patient Portal allows you to:

  • Check your personal records anywhere, anytime, using a computer, smartphone or tablet
  • See your physician through a televisit
  • Make more informed health decisions for you and your family
  • Save valuable time with online communication and scheduling tools
  • Manage your entire family’s healthcare in one spot

Before registering for the portal – contact your Western Reserve Hospital Physicians office. Phone numbers can be found on your doctor's page.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure we have your correct email address
  2. Once we have your email, we will send you an invitation to the Patient Portal
  3. Click the registration link in the email you receive from
  4. Create your portal login using a unique username and password
  5. Enter the invitation code provided by us and click “Agree” on the release information

Once you have a Patient Portal account, you can access it from a mobile device via the healow app. Access/download the healow app via Google or Apple app stores:


  1. Download healow from the App Store or from Google Play
  2. Use Practice Code “DGDABA” when registering
  3. Login to healow with your Patient Portal ID and password
  4. Access the appointment in your healow app and continue through the questionnaire steps and start the televisit

Help & Support

For portal and app assistance, contact your provider’s office.