"I started seeing Dr. Manjinder Kaur in early 2020. Sitting in the waiting room for the first time I was extremely nervous. Doctor after Doctor had told me for years that I “just wasn’t trying hard enough” to lose weight. I have struggled with my weight since childhood, and no amount of calorie counting or workouts seemed to make a difference. I was certain this visit would be another lecture on trying harder. It was quite the opposite. Every member of the staff was kind and compassionate, and truly cares about the patients’ success. Dr. Kaur listened to me, and we had a conversation about my habits and expectations. She discussed several options, and we determined a plan that was best for me. The results that I have seen over the last year have been positive, and I know that I can always rely on Dr. Kaur and her staff for encouragement along the way. Even during my plateaus, when I think I am failing, Dr. Kaur reminds me that this is part of the journey. There has never been a point that I have felt judged or talked down to. I am a much healthier and happier person because of my decision to become a patient."

- Jenilee T.


"The New Direction Program has helped me learn about weight management/loss since I began.  My Weekly Food Diary made me take an honest look at the type of food I was eating and how much.  I recognized that I use food as a 'crutch/self-soother' and have worked to understand my motivation for this behavior.  Over time, my food choices have begun to change from unhealthy to more healthier selections.  My meetings with Rachel provide sound information and much needed incentive when I want to give up.  

My weight loss has not been rapid.  However, Dr. Kaur's medical insight has given basis to the overall benefits of a slow, steady weight loss over time.  Thus, my weight loss has continued during the COVID pandemic and other life transitions which have occurred.    

I will continue with the New Directions Program as long as possible because it has provided positive benefits for me.  I take each day as it comes because it is not about the 'weight loss' race, it is about the journey."

- Conni M.


"I began my weight loss journey on 7/31/20. I was introduced to Dr. Manjinder Kaur and the Western Reserve Physician’s Weight Loss Program at that time. The goal was to lose the amount of weight needed to have both of my knees replaced. Insurance companies want their customers to have a certain BMI in order to have a successful outcome for the knee operations. I also wanted to bring down my A1C numbers. Dr. Kaur and her nursing staff have been encouraging, informative and extremely helpful in my weight loss journey. Before seeing them I was out of control and ate anything I wanted. Although I still eat out almost every day, I am now paying attention to the calories and writing down everything I put in my mouth. Starting at 348 pounds, by keeping under 1,200 calories a day, I have lost 70 pounds. I go to the wt. loss office every 2 or 3 weeks and show them my food diary. They give me advice on a variety of nutritional ideas. They also keep track of my blood pressure, A1C and blood sugar. Thanks to the Western Reserve Physicians and staff, I feel healthier than I’ve been for years and look forward to a more active and pleasant life. I will continue going in to see them to keep myself on track and lose more of my weight."

- Diane M.

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"If you are looking to lose weight look no further than Western Reserve Hospital and Dr. Manjinder Kaur and her staff.  They are absolutely life savers.  I had gone through cancer treatments and put on almost 80 pounds over 5 years due to side effects of immunotherapy. I was being seen by another endocrinologist who had me on over 15 different medications for high cholesterol, high triglycerides, pre-diabetes and acquired lipodystrophy.  I also had tried numerous diets via different doctors and none of them worked.  The LCD diet works and is easy with the really good food supplements from New Directions.  I started this diet in August of 2020.  It is now March of 2021 and I am down 54 pounds and feel amazing! I am also off of all but one of my medications.  I searched for over 2 years to find a doctor and Dr. Kaur is one of the nicest women I have ever met.  She is very knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help people.  Also, when you call the office you get a human being who answers and is very nice and you don't have to go through any phone apps or call centers to reach the doctors and nurses. It is real people helping real people and they make you feel like family. I would highly recommend anyone trying to lose weight, regardless of the reason to reach out to them.  It will change your life."

- Victoria C.


"I would suggest the Weight Loss Program with Western Reserve Hospital to anyone that is struggling with their weight. Dr. Kaur and Rachael are very supportive and knowledgeable on weight loss. The meal replacements are tasty and satisfying, the chocolate is perfect for satisfying my chocolate craving."

- Barb B.