Do you have an appointment with one of our healthcare providers but unable to get to an office? Do you have a question about a recent health concern and want to speak with one of our providers without coming into the office?

Western Reserve Hospital Physicians now provides fast, efficient televisit appointments with our care providers so you can be sure to get the care you need when you are at home, work or away and unable to come into one of our care locations.

Your televisit appointment takes place via your computer, cell phone or other mobile device, in real time with one of our care providers to discuss your health concerns. A provider will assess your symptoms and concerns remotely and make any necessary care recommendations involving prescribing medications, scheduling follow-up appointments or directing you to seek care in an office for face-to-face care.

Patients utilizing a televisit can be seen for follow-up appointments, and analysis and diagnosis of care concerns.

See a list of our physicians providing telehealth services.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having an emergency, always call 9-1-1 for immediate help.

How to Schedule a Televisit

To schedule a televisit appointment please call your doctor’s office first.

See our list of physicians to find your provider's number.

Patients requesting a televisit must have a Patient Portal account. Learn how to sign up for the Patient Portal.

How to Access the Televisit on Your Computer or Mobile Device once your appointment is made:

  1. Please login into the Patient Portal
  2. Once logged in, access your dashboard to see your scheduled appointment for a Televisit
  3. Complete the “Telemedicine and Vitals” questionnaires
  4. Complete the “System Compatibility Screen” after the questionnaires
  5. Select “Proceed” once the previous steps have been completed
  6. Click “Start Televisit” once you are ready to begin
  7. Your provider will receive a notice that you are ready to begin the Televisit
  8. At this time, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room
  9. The provider will join you soon after you are in the waiting room

Watch the video tutorial below for step-by-step directions.